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"...one of the very finest saxophonists in modern jazz in this – or for that matter in any – country." Peter Bacon, Jazzbreakfast 2016.

Latest News:
  • Jazz Im Palmengarten 2016 - Jazz Initiative Frankfurt celebrates 50 years of twinning with Birmingham UK with a special Argüelles Quartet featuring; Julian & Steve Argüelles (sax / drums), Pablo Held (piano) & Robert Landfermann (bass). Click HERE for details.
  • Julian to guest with Morten Schantz Godspeed at Sounds of Denmark Fest, Pizza Express along with Anton Eger.Click HERE to book.
  • June 2016: Most recent Live footage of Tetra click HERE
  • June 2016: Most Recent Live Reviews Click HERE
Latest Tetra CD Reviews 2016:
  • “Dynamic with deftly executed tempo changes and improvisatory touches.” Horspiegel (website)
  • “An excellent album… Deserves to be widely heard.” Jazz Podium (website
  • “Complex compositions and folk inspired pieces that create space for soloists to stretch out.” Stereo (website)
  • All latest Tetra CD reviews HERE

    "...you’ll struggle to find a better jazz album released in 2015 anywhere than this." Tetra, October 2015, Marlbank.net, 4 Star review


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    Julian Argüelles Quartet - Promotional video

    1 julian front cover

    Julian Argüelles Tetra released on Whirlwind Recordings label, October 16th 2015 To order, click on cover. Latest reviews below.


    "...this is great music from a great band and everything we have come to expect from Julian Argüelles" Howard Lawes December 2015 (full version HERE)

    "...you’ll struggle to find a better jazz album released in 2015 anywhere than this." October 2015, Marlbank.net, 4 Star review(full version HERE

    "Tetra is a burst of Golden Sunshine." 
    Bebop Spoken Here, October 2015 (full version HERE

    "...displaying Argüelles’ consistent talent for freewheeling jazz ventures packed with striking compositions.This is a jazz album to its core, yet full of non-generic surprises." John Fordham, Guardian 4 / 5 star review, October 2015 
    (full version HERE

    "...it’s never easy to keep a tune strong, simple and without sentiment, but this band nail it...surgingly bobtastic... It’s all really rather splendid." 
    Jazzwise, 4 star review, Andy Robson, November 2015 (full version HERE)

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